Woman jailed for bludgeoning her friend’s 3-year-old daughter to death

In a shocking case in South Africa, a woman has been jailed for bashing a friend’s three-year-old daughter to death with a rock to make sure she didn’t speak out. The woman’s nine-year-old son had raped the little girl and she wanted to make sure she never told about what had happened.

The mother has not been named in a bid to protect the identity of the nine-year-old. But a court heard that she killed tragic little Asanda Mbuku with a rock before dumping her body in the backyard of her home beside a banana tree.

She, along with her son and her daughter then went to bed, with the body still outside in their garden, even tough she knew that Asanda’s desperately worried family had launched a search party.

The next day, the mother sent her son to school and told him to act normally but he could no longer keep what had happened a secret and told his aunt by showing her where the body had been covered up with sheets of corrugated iron.


The mother, 32, was sentenced at Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, where she admitted murder and attempting to obstruct justice. Her son, now 11, was said to be living in a “place of safety” along with his sister. His mother has now been given a jail term of 11 bars for the brutal murder.

Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela said he had been lenient because she had pleaded guilty and that she had no one to care for her children. The woman apologised for what she had done and said she wanted to say sorry to the mother of the girl, who was not in attendance.

The incident had happened after the girl’s parents asked her to babysit. After putting her to bed, she found the girl was half naked and said she realised that her son had raped her.