Why Prince William and Prince Harry have fallen out over Meghan Markle

Prince William is said to be dismayed at the way his younger sibling is handling his new romance with the Suits actress Meghan Markle.

The future king does not agree with Prince Harry’s decision to issue an unprecedented public statement about media behaviour following revelations that he was in a relationship with Californian Ms Markle. Prince William is understood to believe the move was “hot-headed” and only exacerbated the situation.

Prince William, 34, and Prince Harry, who is two years younger, have always been very close, particularly after the death of their mother Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris while being chased by photographers. They live just a few yards from each other at Kensington Palace and share an office and charity work.

However, Prince William is incredibly private and believes that his brother’s actions did nothing to dampen down media interest. A source at the palace says the Duke of Cambridge thinks Prince Harry made a big mistake in both confirming the relationship and releasing an angry statement. While Prince William understands his concerns, he believes it was not the way to deal with them.


The source said: “William knows that his brother can be hot-headed and understands that it is something he felt very strongly about. Privately, he shares a lot of the sentiments he and Meghan expressed as, make no mistake, she was very involved in the statement too. But he believes it was wrong to make his feelings so public.”

Prince William had known about the statement before Prince Harry issued it. While both brothers issued a statement after an Italian magazine used images of their mother as she lay dying in a car, Prince William has only spoken out a few times since. He said his wife Kate Middleton had suffered a “grotesque” invasion of privacy when topless photos of her emerged. More recently, he has warned paparazzi to play fair when it comes to trying to snap his children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.