Why Nigeria rushed to trumpet the Chibok salvage

Following two years of close hush, it was huge news this week when the first of the missing Chibok schoolgirls was safeguarded by armed force sponsored vigilantes.

Previously, the Nigerian military has asserted to have discovered a portion of the young ladies, before backtracking.

After their capturing by the aggressor Islamist bunch Boko Haram in 2014, the then-Chief of Defense Staff, Alex Badeh, broadly demanded the armed force knew where the young ladies were and would bring them back soon.

That obviously did not happen. Western partners likewise purportedly whined that Nigeria did not follow up on knowledge they had given.

This feedback may clarify why the armed force would need to show how their operations had brought about the opportunity of one of the gathering.

Official articulations said the liberated Chibok Girl had been saved in a military operation.

Be that as it may, a source told the BBC she said she was found by a vigilante bunch in a town where she had looked for shelter from Boko Haram.

It was from that point she was taken into armed force guardianship, and the Nigerian government sprung without hesitation.

In the wake of being brought together with her family, the young lady was given over to the Borno State government and afterward traveled to the capital, Abuja, to meet President Muhammadu Buhari and show up before the world’s media.

At this point, photographs were coursing of her with her four-month-old child and a man who guaranteed to be her better half.

A few pundits were insulted that she could have discovered affection with a man who could have been one of her captors.

She says the man was a hostage who was compelled to battle for Boko Haram and was made her significant other before he stole away and got away with her.

Others likewise addressed why the spotlight should have been shone on her so not long after her experience.