White Man Went to New York In Order To Terrorize And Kill Black Men To ‘Make a Statement,’ Police Say

A white male from Maryland told police that he travelled to the city of New York in order to kill black men when he turned himself over to police on Wednesday, around 24 hours after fatally stabbing a stranger on a street, said officials.

Suspect and Motive

Authorities say the suspect is someone who seems to have long-supressed feelings of racism and hatred towards African-American men before he violently acted on them earlier this week. Police stated that the man carried out his attack in a manner that would draw the most attention.

“The reason why he picked New York is ’cause it’s the media capital of the world,” William Aubry, the assistant chief in the NYC Police Department said. “And he wanted to make a statement.”

New York police are charging the man, identified as James Harris Jackson, 28 years old, with murder. They also said that Jackson encountered Timothy Caughman, 66, shortly before 11 p.m. Monday and proceeded to stab him many times. Caughman then went to the closest police precinct to get help, after which he was taken to the nearby Bellevue Hospital. He died shortly after, said police.

Confession and Arrest

Early on Wednesday morning, just 24 hours following the attack, Jackson himself walked into a police substation located in the city’s Times Square, and proceeded to announce that he is wanted for committing murder.

“‘I’m the person you’re looking for,’” Jackson reportedly told the officers there, according to a briefing by Aubry late Wednesday.

Police found what was called a “black mini-sword,” around 26 inches in length, which is what police believe was the weapon Jackson used to stab and Caughman.

At the briefing, James P. O’Neill, New York City’s police commissioner, stated that the attack was “extremely distressing.”

“Based on statements that he made as well as a preliminary review of video, it reveals that the attack on Timothy Caughman was clearly racially motivated,” he said. Aubry went on to say that Jackson “was specifically intending to target male blacks for assault.”