UK Growth Could Be Stalled Due to Lack Of Skilled Labour After Brexit

Manufacturers in the United Kingdom are calling for clarity regarding the future of their EU workers as they believe it will lead to a loss of skilled labour in the country.

The manufacturer’s association, EEF, stated that about half of the companies that it stands for have seen a reduction in applications from workers in the EU and more are quitting their jobs after the 2016 referendum.

A lot of the companies rely on EU workers because of the lack of skilled workers in the UK and they have warned that the reduction in workers would affect the economy.

A report that was published by the EEF states that while manufacturers are doing their best to train workers, this is just a long term solutions, as only 11% of staff are now coming in from the EU.

Impending Shortages Of Workers

The group also warned that shortages of skills workers would get worse if there is a restriction on EU citizens and if there is a cap on EU staff and it is believed that this would also lead to an increase in wages due to the shortage of workers.

The EEF has called for an arrangement that would allow skilled European workers work in the UK for a period of 5 years and then given the chance to apply for permanent residency. They are calling for an arrangement that would allow EU citizens to come to the UK to study and also seek employment in the UK.

The group also called for less stringent rules regarding non-EU students so as to extend their stay to two years after graduation to get skilled employment so as to fill up the vacuum left by other EU workers.