Typhoon Roanu: Half a million escape in Bangladesh

Typhoon Roanu has beat beach front territories of Bangladesh, constraining a large portion of a million people to escape their homes and leaving no less than 24 dead.

It made landfall at twelve nearby time (06:00 GMT) on Saturday, bringing about surges, avalanches and submerging homes.

The tempest framework has following debilitated however overwhelming precipitation is proceeding.

Low-lying Bangladesh is particularly defenseless against flooding and has seen visit savage twisters.

The powers assumed control 500,000 individuals into safe houses as Roanu hit.

Among the individuals who passed on were a mother and little girl who were slaughtered in an avalanche in southern Chittagong locale, which exhaust the brunt of the tempest, AFP reported.

A few ports have been shut and electrical cables are down the nation over.

The full degree of the harm is not anticipated that would be known until Sunday.