Turkey denies report of plan to kidnap cleric Gulen from the US

Istanbul — Turkey on Sunday, dismissed false and ludicrous reports that Turkish authorities may have involved in the plot to have a US-based Muslim cleric abducted.

According to a report by The Wall Street, Special Counsel Robert Mueller was looking into an ostensible plan involving Michael Flynn, the former US National Security Adviser, and his son to deliver Fethullah Gulen to Ankara for a reward of $15 million.

Turkey lays blame on the cleric and his team of supporters for a military overthrow endeavor – July 2016 – that claimed the lives of 250 people. Gulen, who resides in Pennsylvania, has denied being the perpetrator.

The Turkish Embassy in Washington repeatedly made requests for the United States to hand over Gulen so he can face trial. The government office in an announcement dismissed “all assertions that Turkey would rely on to external means to the rule of law” to recover Gulen back to Turkey.

Flynn’s attorneys also have questioned the Journal report that Mueller was investigating into a meeting where Flynn professedly examined a plot that would pay him and his son ” to evacuate” Gulen persuasively.

“Keeping in mind the procedure of the different investigations concerning the 2016 campaign, we have purposefully abstained from reacting to every rumors and allegation,” according to the lawyers in a statement.

“However, the current news cycle has rumored allegations about Flynn, going from abducting to bribery, which is atrocious and detrimental. Thus, we consider them as false,” he said. Michael Flynn Jr.’s lawyer refused to remark on the allegations.

A cleric for a cleric – Erdogan

Gulen has been in the US for almost two decades. He is a former partner of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan until 2013 when the government declared Gulen’s group a terror group.

About 50,000 people are in jail in Turkey, and over 100,000 government employees lost their jobs for alleged connections to the cleric’s network in the administration’s crackdown after the failed coup.

U.S. pastor Andre Brunson, who has resided in Turkey for more than 20 years is also behind bars in Turkey. Erdogan said in September that the United States was desperately pressing Turkey to release a “cleric” while declining to hand over another “cleric.”