Trevor Timon Charged for the Manslaughter of Oliver Dearlove After Fatal Attack

Trevor Timon, a thirty-one-year-old from Plumstead, London, was assigned to six years imprisonment for manslaughter in the “senseless attack” of Oliver Dearlove. The victim’s mother, Joy Wright, reported holding her Thirty-year-old son as he had been hospitalized.


The attack occurred during a summer night in August 2016, as Dearlove returned home from a night out in Blackheath, southeast London. As he and his friends walked home, they stopped to speak with a group young women standing with Timon as they waited for a cab.

Court records indicate Timon quoted telling Dearlove “If you don’t get out of my face I will knock you out.”

Timon reportedly admitted to charges of manslaughter however had been cleared of murder after the Old Baily trial in which he explained his “powerful” left hook directed at the victim’s head had knocked him unconscious.

Timon denied he intended to seriously hurt him.

Joy write stated that the death of her son is a “nightmare… so unnecessary and so wasteful of a life”. She continued to explain her heart-breaking experience the night her son died saying, “You do feel like he was going to get up. I was trying to hold his hand and I felt like he would hold it back but he didn’t. I just told him he was my special firstborn son and that’s how I said goodbye to him.”

Although efforts towards helping Oliver Dearlove by those on the scene allowed to him to remain alive for up to 24 hours, giving his family and loved ones the opportunity to say goodbye. Mrs. Wright expresses her gratefulness to all those who tried to help her son, giving her those last moments with him.


“He was warm and he looked like Ollie, whereas if they hadn’t had done that we would have just been identifying him which would have been awful,” she stated.

According to Sky News, Clarie Wheatley, the victim’s girlfriend expressed how important it was for her to have that moment with him, saying “A lot of people don’t have opportunity that we had.”