The estranged wife who says a £2.5m home is not good enough

A divorcee is demanding £10 million from her estranged husband so she can buy a £5 million property in one of London’s most exclusive postcodes. In a divorce battle underway the High Court, the judge was told that the couple had been married for 11 years, but broke up in 2008.

Following the split, the wife was given £8 million the next year as part of a settlement deal. However, she now has just over half of that left and is now demanding more money and a house. She has told the judge that she cannot possibly buy a cheaper home in a less swish area of London as she does not feel safe outside Kensington.


The woman has also said that she will need £25,000 a year, around the same as the average British salary, so she can take holidays and weekends away. However, the judge has said that her demands are too high, awarding her £2.5 million to buy a new house, and that her husband should give her another £1.15 million for other expenses.

The couple, who have not been named, are understood to have lived together in Kensington during their marriage. Her ex husband suggested that she buy a house in Shepherd’s Bush or Battersea where property prices are cheaper, but she said she ought to be given a six-bedroom property in Kensington.

The husband is worth £33 million, which is money which was handed to him by his rich father. The court heard that the man had spent a large amount of money on hobbies including motor racing, flying and sailing, including buying a £540,000 helicopter. She was said to have spent only modest amounts in comparison.

However, the judge said that while he accepted that the wife had an anxious personality, the alternative houses put forward for her were not in areas where she or her children would be at greater risk in comparison with living in Kensington.