Tamir Rice 911 Dispatcher Has Been Put On Suspension For Eight Days

The 911 dispatcher that took the call leading to a white policeman’s fatal shot at young black boy only 12 years old in front of a community recreation center was just suspended for an eight day leave.

Calvin Williams, Police Chief, found that in one disciplinary letter from March 10, Constance Hollinger had violated protocol on the day of Tamir Rice’s shooting. The young boy had been playing with a toy pellet gun.

Events of the Incident

It only took seconds of police arriving a couple of feet away before Tamir had been shot in November of 2014 right outside one of Cleveland’s recreational centers.

The town’s internal investigators accused Hollinger in the charge of  failing to announce to the dispatcher sending officers to the scene that the person who originally called 911 regarding “a guy” who pointed an alleged gun at passersby also stated it may be one juvenile and his gun may have been “fake.”


The omission has been cited as a critical mistake that affected how the two officers, Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann responded. Loehmann was the one to shoot and kill Tamir within one to two seconds upon arriving.

Prosecutor of Cuyahoga County, Timothy J. McGinty, stated that this shooting may have been avoided had all of the information spoken by the caller was properly relayed.

Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother, stated Tuesday that Hollinger’s short, eight-day leave was completely “unacceptable.”

“Eight days for gross negligence resulting in the death of a 12-year-old boy,” said Subodh Chandra, Rice’s attorney, in a statement. “How pathetic is that?”

Chandra also mentioned that if this is the absolute best that the “system can offer, then the system is broken.”

Loehmann and his police partner Garmback were not charged in a criminal case, but may face discipline that can result in their dismissal from Cleveland’s police department.

Samaria Rice is calling for the two to be completely fired.