Suspects are charged with Triple Homicide at Kansas Pawn Shop

Jackson Police Department reported by means of Twitter on Wednesday that Townsend, 35, and Garcia, 37 are accused of three tallies of capital murder each for the passing of Bill Mosley, 81, Robert Ivy, 60, and Ted McLemore, 77, at Bill’s Pawn Jewelry Coin/Stamp Exchange in Jackson.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance likewise said Wednesday that police trust Garcia and Townsend could have been included in another robbery of an alternate Jackson pawn shop paving the way to the Saturday occurrence. He would not intricate further, referring to the examination. Vance said he trusts the removal procedure moves rapidly. He said he’s not certain if Mississippi gets first dibs on the suspects since they are confronting their most genuine allegations in Mississippi.

“We have three numbers of capital murder pending against these two and clearly that would trump, as it were, whatever other charges, since that is the most genuine accusation you can get,” he said. “Ideally we can get the principal shot at it.”

The FBI was brought in for their assets to help with the case, and as police followed the escaping suspects, state powers issued a caution the nation over to make law requirement mindful that the two were needed regarding the wrongdoing. Vance said as of Wednesday morning, government operators had additionally been dispatched to meet the suspects in Kansas.

“Our association in this was through the Fusion Center,” Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Director Jimmy Jordan said. “We sent this announcement out across the country that had the data on the speculators needed for addressing in the triple crime.”

Townsend and Garcia are additionally the prime suspects in a theft a week ago of Sam’s Jewelry in Pascagoula. Tending to fears communicated by other pawn shop proprietors in the region, Vance said it’s great to have the couple off the road. “I believe there’s extraordinary reason for alleviation,” Vance said. “I think the one thing that is the most unordinary about this specific wrongdoing for what we know at this moment is it was carried out by transient hoodlums… The drift is 150 miles from here.”