Suspect in monks’ retirement home stabbing is arrested

A man suspected over the fatal stabbing in a retirement home for Catholic missionaries in France has been arrested after a huge manhunt, police have confirmed.

The 47-year-old man, is said to have no known links to terrorism. He was found just yards away from his home in a town near the home.

According to gendarmerie press officials, while there has been speculation the man is an ex member of the French military, that cannot yet be confirmed or denied. The authorities are, in fact, said to have identified information which suggests that he does not have a previous military connection. He has not yet been named, which is usual in France until any charges are brought.

A man, wearing a balaclava, burst into a retirement home especially for former missionairies in Africa, tying up two women. One of those women managed to call emergency services, who rushed to the scene, only to find that the victim, who was a 54-year-old worker at the home was tied up outside and had already suffered three stab wounds.

It is believed that the suspect was in some way known to the retirement home. The home is in Monferrer-sur-Lez near Montepellier, while the arrested man was found just a few kilometres away. The home, named Green Oaks, is run by the African Missions Society for priests and nuns who have spent time working on missions in Africa.

Police say that a car which was found near the home, which houses 70 people, containing an air gun, helped to provide them with an identify for the suspect. Immediately following the attack, a police official said that military decorations had been found among items in the car, but it appears that the military connection may have been a false lead.

While France has remained on a state of high alert following terror attacks, it would appear that the suspect is not linked with Isis.