Suicide attackers storm Indian paramilitary camp in Srinagar, Kashmir

According to reports from the Police Force, one Border Security Force (BSF) soldier was killed along with two others who were injured.

Attacks commenced around 04:00 local time (22:30 GMT). Reports suggest that one militant is still holed up and an operation to seek him out has been launched. A heavily protected camp is situated on the outskirts of the international airport in Srinagar. Flight operations have resumed, and roads which were sealed off that were leading to the airport have been opened.

 Profile of Kashmir territories

Eyewitnesses stated that were three armed attackers.
“The militants arrived the camp and got stuck in the administration block. A minimum of one armed unfriendly is still in the officer’s mess.”

The assailants and their identities have not been verified by officials, but Jaish-e-Mohammad, an Islamic group, has taken responsibility for the atrocity.

Kashmir which is widely populated by Muslims is populated in its fullness by India and Pakistan. However, these two countries control different parts of it.

Is Kashmir been lost by India?

Muslim-majority Kashmir is claimed in its totality by both India and Pakistan, but the 2 countries control different parts of it.

Is India losing Kashmir?

India’s rule in the area has been assaulted by armed revolts since 1989. Kashmir has witnessed fresh waves of crisis following the demise of the revered militant leader, BurhamWani in 2016. Although there are signs that indicate the violence is reducing, the recent attacks has sparked worry and alarm across the security agencies of India, reports Riyaz Masroor of BBC Urdu.

Three persons were reported killed in a militant attack last month in Tral, and an Indian policeman was mobbed in Srinagar in June. Blames have been leveled against Pakistan by India for aggravating the unrest, an allegation denied by Islamabad. Kashmir has been the center of two out three wars fought between the nations.