Stephen Ward imprisoned for slaughtering child Jordan

A father who killed his nine-month-old child by brutally shaking him and bringing on “cataclysmic wounds” has been imprisoned for a long time.

Stephen Ward, 25, was discovered liable of the 2014 murder of his child Jordan by delivering wounds at the family home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Bristol Crown Court was told therapeutic tests demonstrated Jordan’s wounds couldn’t have been incurred unintentionally.

Ward was said to have a past filled with losing his temper when Jordan cried. The child’s mom, Paula Watts, told the court she once heard Ward slap Jordan when he was crying however he had advised her he had quite recently “tapped” their child.

Ms Watts said she defied Ward in regards to Jordan’s wounds after the infant had been admitted to doctor’s facility.

She said: “I requesting that he look at me without flinching and swear on my life that he hadn’t done anything. He said he hadn’t.”

Det Ch Insp Steve Bean said Ward “denied any wrongdoing”, asserting Jordan had “stifled then lost awareness whilst he was encouraging him” and “even attempted to recommend that his ex-accomplice Paula may have been capable”.

He said the deplorability of Jordan’s passing was “past depiction” and paid tribute to Ms Watts, including Ward will “need to live with what he has accomplished for whatever remains of his life”.