Standoff in San Antonio Leaves One Dead

A man that had a previous criminal history is dead, when a standoff with San Antonio police led to gunshots early Sunday morning on the Northwest facet. Police spokesperson said the incident began around 10:30 p.m., Saturday, at a living accommodations at 5814 Shadow Glen, once the ex-boyfriend of a lady bust into her living accommodations brandishing a gun. The lady told police her ex held the gun near her head and let off a shot. Then he pointed the weapon directly at her face, said police at a news release.

The woman managed to escape and contact police that arrived and right away established a quadrant round the living accommodations. SAPD negotiators arrived close to midnight, per Chief William McManus, and tried vainly for seven hours to get the 25-year-old unidentified Hispanic male to surrender. McManus said the person fired numerous shots while barred within the residence throughout the standoff.

While talking about the officers on the scene, McManus said, “Everyone is trained in crisis intervention. So they negotiated with him for seven hours trying to get him out without harm, unfortunately it ended as it did, with him pointing his gun at police officers.”

Police say concerning 5:30 a.m., Sunday, the person exited the living accommodations and pointed his gun at officers. He was then shot dead by 3 SWAT officers. McManus said it’s unknown what number of times the suspect was hit, however there have been solely 3 shots fired by SAPD officers. Nobody else was harmed throughout the standoff and McManus noted that the lady is physically fine, however upset. The 3 officers are placed on body duty whereas the force’s Officer Involved Shooting Team investigates. McManus confirmed the person did have a previous criminal history, however failed to elaborate.