South Sudanese need peace – and frozen yogurt

Stop the war, stop tribalism – and we require more chocolate and frozen yogurt. That is the thing that the young ladies of the Juba One elementary school need for this new time in South Sudan.

The arrival to Juba of renegade pioneer Riek Machar is permitting numerous South Sudanese to long for a superior future, whether it’s copious sweet treats, or a more steady, more prosperous nation.

In any case, unavoidably given the astringent way of South Sudan’s respectful war and the legacy of past clashes, the danger of future issues stays high.

To start with, the uplifting news.

Presently Mr Machar has been confirmed as first VP, a transitional legislature of national solidarity can be framed.

The legislature is intended to manage a transitional period paving the way to decisions in 30 months time – a conceivable future wellspring of pressure given Mr Machar’s appearing determination to wind up president and President Salva Kiir’s obvious refusal to face this.

The opponent military strengths should be coordinated into one body.

This won’t be simple if the non-verbal communication of the administration and dissident troops at the airplane terminal when Mr Machar arrived is anything to pass by. They stood solidly a few meters separated, declining to recognize their previous foes.

The new government is additionally intended to set up a half breed court, to attempt those blamed for the most exceedingly bad outrages, and also a national recuperating and compromise program.

None of this will be direct.

Mr Machar’s arrival was postponed in view of days of contradictions, another indication of question. There was additionally no conspicuous warmth when Mr Machar and Mr Kiir welcomed each other amid the last’s induction.