South Korea responded on Friday to a nuclear test

South Korea reacted on Friday to an atomic test led by its northern neighbor by impacting Korean popular music toward the segregated rebel country, an authority said.

“We are conveying K-pop and data about existence in South Korea and additionally about North Korea,” a South Korean military authority told NBC News. South Korea had cautioned the telecasts would continue.

North Korea was globally censured after it led a suspected atomic test that it asserted was a hydrogen bomb — a case that if genuine would mean a critical progression of its atomic capacities.

Be that as it may, U.S. what’s more, different authorities communicated profound wariness about the cases. The seismic occasion recorded amid Wednesday’s test, an extent of 5.1, is like those recorded amid before atomic tests directed by North Korea, specialists said.

Pressures between the nations over the suspected nuke test have put a mark in tourism, a South Korean entrepreneur who lives in a city near the fringe with the north said.

“My eatery is just a couple of kilometers from the outskirt toward the North, and that was the advertising point,” Kim Eun Joo, an occupant of the city of Paju, said in a telephone meeting.

“However, I just have two tables for lunch today, as all visit reservations have been crossed out,” Kim said.

The South Korean military authority said the nation is “consistently keeping up elevated military readiness” after the atomic test.

South Korea has telecast publicity messages from amplifiers towards North Korea before. The two countries have actually been at war following the 1950s.

The utilization of amplifiers tightened up pressures between the two nations a year ago, before South Korea consented to end them.

English Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond asked South Korea to show restriction, saying the nation “is just ascending to the lure,” Reuters reported. Hammond’s remarks were made amid a visit to Japan.

Kim, the eatery proprietor, disregarded the military alarm started by the claimed atomic test.