Slain refugee boy in Berlin: police suspected in the case of Mohamed until the family

In early October the four-year Mohamed at the Lageso in Berlin disappeared. After mirror information, police initially neglected the search – and had valuable time elapse.

In the case of the four-year Mohamed, who was kidnapped, abused and killed shortly thereafter, by Silvio S. from Brandenburg, the Berlin police has detected primarily against the refugee family and the boy neglects the search measures. (Read the full story in the new mirror here.)

Officials suspected family disputes and even the pretense of the kidnapping to prevent the imminent deportation of Bosnian family. This is proven by research of mirrors, which are more than 3000 pages of investigation files.

On the day after the kidnapping “not beyond reasonable doubt” was set, “whether it was rather to family disputes”, it says in the files: in this respect was “first by other measures apart”.

Only three days later, the investigation went on. Video recordings that led to the suspects, found investigators after 20 days. Another five days passed before they evaluated the material.

The Senate Department for Home Affairs indicates that the fake kidnapping police have identified in response to a previously unpublished written request of the Greens. There was no case of “fake abduction with the motif of the securing of the residence permit” in the past five years, according to Senate.