Shooter Kills One, Injures Others In Texas University As More Violence Hits The State’s Schools

Two were reported dead in North Lake College located in Texas after police had reported a gunman active on campus.

James Mclellan from the Irving Police Department said to reporters that police officers found a body belonging to the suspect including one potential victim dead in one of the campus buildings.

 Irving police made a confirmation via Twitter letting the public know that the suspect committed suicide.


The department posted a tweet prior to the announcement saying an active shooter was known to have fired shots on campus, in addition to advising students to remain in doors and away from the area

Police along with SWAT team crews responded at the scene. Messages posted on the university’s Facebook page told students to head over to the closest room and lock themselves inside.

“Wait in place for further instructions from police,” instructed the school. “If you are not on campus, STAY AWAY for your own safety.”

The police originally received an uncomfirmed, initial decription of what the suspect looked like, saying he is a brunette, white male dressed in a white tank top.

Local news NBC DWF also reported that police were conducting systematic searches for the gunman throughout all of the campus’ buildings. Police said that there is no continuous threat, although they are continuing to conduct a thorough sweep.

The administration of the school cancelled all events for the day.

Previous Violence

Nearby, the University of Texas at Austin had also been rocked by vicious violence only days before, after a stabber murdered one person, and injured a potential three.

North Lake College is a community college located in Irving, Texas. The school is part of Dallas’ County Community College District, with an enrollment number of 11,365 in 2011.