Schoolchildren Among Three People Critically Hurt After SUV Hits Band at Mardi Gras Parade

The children had been treated and immediately rushed to nearby ambulances, as broken musical instruments scattered the streets.

Earlier, officials said that four individuals were still in critical condition, although they didn’t give a statement on the change of numbers.

One students has been released from a hospital, said the school system on Tuesday afternoon.

Brown stated that there had ben no signs of drug and alcohol use in the accident. Delmore also said to reporters during a second conference for the press that the SUV’s driver gave voluntary blood samples.


The chief stated that there exists a minimum of one video taken of the accident, as police hope they can retrieve information regarding the vehicles speed and actions from the SUV’s computer system.

Several emergency agencies scrambled to the coastal community to help with what fire Battalion Chief Kevin Tolbert called a “mass trauma incident.”

Tolbert said the SUV ended up on top of some of the children.

A trauma counselor at the local high school comforted students and their parents, especially those who witnessed the tragic crash, stated Angie Swiger, the Baldwin County Board of Education’s member.

“It’s going to be a very difficult day,” she stated. “It is a tight-knit community. We just ask for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.”

Driver and SUV

The vehicle represented the Military Officers Association of America, which reported that it is currently still in the process of figuring out the facts.

“We’re concerned about those who have been injured and our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families as they deal with this unfortunate mishap,” they said.

Brown stated that the band that was hit was situated at the beginning of the parade and the vehicle had been behind the members, around 100 of them.

The band began to march to a highway to start the parade while the truck followed. “And then something went terribly wrong,” Brown stated.