Russian Bering Island gets tsunami alert – local population are not threatened

Following a quake, Tsunami advisories have given out advisories for the Nikolskoye township on the Bering Island of Russia. A source from one of the branches of the Russian Academy of Science’s Geophysical Service – Kamchatka disclosed to Tass on Tuesday that the height of the tsunami wave will not be more than half a meter.

According to the source, a quake reading 7.0 on the Ritcher scale had been recorded at a depth of 30 Km below sea bed off the Aleutian Ridge. It marked the epicenter as being 750 km away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and 290 km from Bering Island.

He pointed out that the masses living in Nikolsloye have been warned of a possible tsunami, but the waves won’t go more than half a meter. As such, there’s no cause for alarm. He added that no destruction or casualties have worked on following the tremors of about 2-3 magnitude that occurred in the center of Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka.

Before now, a report by the United States Geological Survey indicated a strong quake about 300 Km west of Attu and about 7.4 in magnitudes. Attu is the most western and biggest island in the Near Islands group of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. As reported by the US professionals, the epicenter of the quake went down to about 48 kilometers.

The Kuril Islands gets Tsunami alert

Russia’s northern part of Kuril Islands has been warned of a possible tsunami by the Sakhalin tsunami center. According to Tatyana Ivelskaya, in line with the forecast, a wave may go as high as 50 centimeters, but the actual coast’s wave range may be different from that forecasted. As such, there’s the need to follow the rules given out during a tsunami.

According to the Sakhalin tsunami center, a quake of 7.7 magnitudes, at a depth of 30 kilometers below the seabed, took place off the Aleutian Ridge close to Russia’s Bering Island off the Kamchatka peninsula.

The wave is expected to reach the northern Kuril Islands at 04:48 Moscow time (12:48 Sakhalin time). The reports by the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations have it that the epicenter was 750 km away from the regional center Petropavlovsk and 290 kilometers off the Bering Island.