Revealed: The last words and meal of Georgia death row murderer

A man convicted of killing his father in law has apologised before being put to death. William Sallie, 50, requested a last meal of pizza, chicken wings and a large soda before he was executed.

With his execution, Georgie has now put to death nine people so far this year, which is more than any other US state. Sallie was given a lethal injection at the state prison in Jackson.

He was found guilty of shooting John Lee Moore to death 26 years ago in a rural commuity in south Georgia. After finishing his final meal of pizza topped with sausage and pepperoni, served with bufalo chicken wings, he spoke to a witness to his execution, saying: “I just want to say I’m very, very sorry for my crimes. I really am sorry. I’m just very sorry for everything. I do ask for forgiveness.”


After he was given the lethal injection, he could be seen lifting his head before yawning, shutting his eyes and breathing deeply. After a few minutes, his body was seen to twitch on the gurney before he became still.

During his original trial, the court heard that Sallie had been an abusive husband and his wife had left him to live with her parents after asking him for a divorce. The pair were involved in a bitter dispute over who should have custody of their young son.

Sallie cut the phone lines to his in-laws rural property to prevent them phoning for help before he broke in in the early hours of the morning. He went into the master bedroom and shot both John and Linda Moore, with John’s injuries proving fatal.

He then took his wife and her sister to his mobile home, leaving his son behing, before he was arrested. His lawyers claimed he was simply trying to get his son and leave. When he was first convicted, the ruling was thrown out over claims that his trial lawyer had a conflict of interest, but he was convicted at a second trial and sentenced to death.