Responses to refugee deal with Turkey: “There is no better option”

“Better a piece of something than all of nothing”: the EU and Turkey want to jointly overcome the refugee crisis. Leaders praise the deal in contrast to human rights activists and the CSU.

Is it the weakest of the breakthrough in the biggest crisis of the European Union – or a lazy compromise at the expense? The EU and Turkey have agreed on a package of measures, which aims to stop the flow of migrants to Europe and ensure controlled conditions at the external borders of the Union. (Read more about this here.) The reactions to the deal vary most in Germany, Europe and Turkey – the overview:

Accounted for Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe will make it to survive even this difficult test. “After the March 20”, so the CDU-politician, “Turkey will take back any irregular migrants.” Who go on this dangerous way, risking not only his life, but have “also no prospect of success”, Merkel said.

“Historic day” said the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu after the agreement of one. He added: “Today we recognize that Turkey and the EU the same fate, same challenges, the same future have.” The promised financial assistance of the EU amounting to up to six billion euro’s pretending only refugees in his country. Who can criticize the Pact, should make another suggestion. “There is no better option.”

EU Summit Chief Donald Tusk spoke of a “breakthrough” in relations between the EU and Turkey: “I am absolutely convinced that this piece of something is much better than all of nothing.”

EU Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker said with a view to the planned repatriation of refugees to Turkey by a “Herculean task”. This was “the greatest logistical challenge, with which the European Union ever faced” – this concerns especially Greece.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was pleased that his country now is forced to accommodate refugees. “We have banned the greatest danger,” he said.