Refugee deal with Turkey: Greece starts the operation return

The EU Pact with Turkey has been in force since this Sunday: Greece may bring back refugees to the neighboring country. The authorities begin to gather thousands of people in detention centers.

Day one of the refugee Pact: Since midnight, the agreements between the EU and Turkey are officially. Check that all refugees who translate from Sunday illegally from Turkey to Greece, can forcibly, beginning in April, will be returned to Turkey. Previously, the refugees however have the right to an individual assessment in the EU country of Greece. Only, who can prove that he is persecuted in Turkey, must remain.

In the days after April 4 relocating maximum 72,000 Syrian civil war refugees from Turkey to begin then in the return to Europe. Open is how many Germany records.
The most important developments in the overview:

Impact on the numbers of refugees
The influx of seeking protection after Greece continued even after the entry into force of the refugee Pact. 875 people were ferried in the night on Sunday from the coast of Turkey on Greek Islands, informed the Greek crisis staff for the refugee crisis. For comparison: the day before refugees from Turkey arrived in 1498 after Greece, on Friday, there were 670, 239 Thursday.

According to a media report, more than 3,000 refugees at the crossing were prevented in Turkey after Greece. Alone in the District of Dikili in the province of Izmir migrants were taken on Saturday almost 2000 in custody, said Turk at the CNN channel. Some had been arrested temporarily in a Sports Hall. Some refugees had protested against it and embarked on discs. The migrants were from Syria, the Iraq and Afghanistan.

Deaths in the Mediterranean and on Lesbos
On Sunday there was two tragedies: two little girls who had fallen off a boat drowned before the tiny Greek island of ro in the Mediterranean Sea, Lesbos, two Syrians died of heart attacks.