Refugee crisis: How the Bamf wants to be better

Hundreds of thousands of asylum procedures are still open, more and more migrants coming into the country. The Federal Office for migration and refugees faces a daunting task in 2016. Is it to create?

Frank-Jürgen Weise raised his hand apologetically. Just, he had spoken of the “production capacity” of his house. This is of course not appropriate, after all, it involves people.

You could forget that this Friday when the head of the Federal Office for migration and refugees (Bamf) in Berlin together with his management team described the challenges of refugee crisis for 2016 in fact every now and then. By an authority that go on “Maximum load”, was the talk of “Lying and waiting”, which should be removed “from the sequence of the process”.

The message that hiding behind: things are always not around when the Bamf – but now everything should be better.

Bamf Chief Weise “Unacceptable” calls the situation itself. What he means: the Office pushes forth a huge mountain of up to 770,000 open asylum procedure is from the year 2015. 370 000 of them are still not outcome proposals, up to 400,000 refugees have not yet made their application. There are also the new arrivals expected in the current year.