Refugee crisis: Austria mulls military mission in the Balkans

The Austrian Government wants to seal off the Balkan route for refugees – and send if necessary also the Federal Army to Macedonia or Serbia.

Dealing with refugees, Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz is a friend of ruggedly words. Greece must finally better secure its border with Turkey. “If not, we will find other ways,” short said on Friday at a meeting of EU foreign and defense ministers in Amsterdam. Seen this way, short also stated: there is a strong willingness in Macedonia and other States, “the influx to reduce, reduce or perhaps even stop.”

This willingness will apparently use Vienna – and if necessary send soldiers in the Balkans, to secure the borders and refugees to register. “If Greece wants to accept help, Macedonia and others are willing to do this”, said short. He cited Serbia as the other State. Altogether three variants are possible: a cooperation of throughout the EU, a coalition of particularly affected States or but bilateral agreements.

How much Austria now sees the refugee crisis as a security question, is it clear that meddling now Austria’s new Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil in the debate. He also brought a usage of the Austrian army in the refugee crisis in the game on Friday. It could a “military civilian joint mission in the Balkans”, said Doskozil. “The question of border security and the hotspots is also a question of military cooperation.”