Rebecca Burger dies following a whipped cream canister explosion

The family of the late French blogger and fitness model, Rebecca Burger reported that she died from an accident with lashed cream canister. The news was disclosed via Instagram on Wednesday. According to the Instagram post, the family sadly said that Rebecca died on Sunday.

Family speaks on the cause of her death

According to a message posted by Rebecca’s family on Instagram earlier, they said that a pressed whipped cream container blasted, hitting Rebecca in the thorax. Consequently, making the 33-year old experience cardiac arrest; the family of the deceased warned the masses not to buy the faulty bottle saying that numerous defective devices are still available.

In line with the report by a magazine, 60 Million Consumers, Rebecca was struck on her chest by the exploding whipped container, causing her heart attack. The magazine also said that it has warned about the canister severally, but this appears to be the first case of death reported.

Likewise, a report from BBC has it that Rebecca sustained injuries including broken teeth, several fractures, as well an eye loss.

Product manufacturers take on the issue

The producer of the kitchen item, Ard’time disclosed that the product ceased to be available in the markets after the initial case involving a siphon in February 2013. A company statement stated that after the first incident, the product was taken out of the market and destroyed. Also, efforts were put in place to inform customers about the dangers of the product.

BBC reported that Rebecca was given medical attention, but didn’t survive as she died of cardiac arrest at the health care center. Authorities declared the cause of the death as unconfirmed. However, CNN disclosed that investigation had been kicked off in the city of Mulhouse by the prosecutor’s office.

Rebecca Burger who was a fitness guru shared her photos with her over 150,000 Instagram followers often. Her pictures displayed her in swimsuits, workout gears, her hairdo, as well meals.

She reminisced on her achievements in one of her latest posts stating that a beautiful day just got to an end, many projects and trips turning in. She thought that it was a nice time to relax and take a look at her achievements and reemphasize to herself that life is good. She concluded by reiterating the importance of making the best use of time, as we don’t have control over it.