Putin to the murder of Kremlin critic involved

The Kremlin critic Alexander Litwinenko was an investigative report, according probably with the consent of the Russian President Vladimir Putin murdered. The Giftmord have probably the Russian secret service FSB in order, wrote judge Robert Owen, the judicial investigation of the Case in London was, in his on Thursday publish the final report. The fact was “probably approved” by the then FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev, “and also by President Putin,” wrote Owen.

Russia denies involvement in murder of Alexander Litwinenko
Russia had a participation, however, immediately: A Russian called the results of the investigation on Thursday as “politically motivated”. A senior Diplomat in Moscow said Russia will make an official comment after examination of the research report review. Even now it is clear that the results “are not without impact” on the bilateral relationship would remain.

No criminal consequences
The judicial inquiry is not a process to be equated and has no direct consequences under criminal law. Evidence of participation of Russia on the death Litwinenkos there was from the British point of view, already in 2012, as Hugh Davies, former member of the Commission of inquiry, claiming the British government was in possession of evidence, which is a responsibility of the Russian authorities for the death of the Kremlin critic.