Prison for ex-teacher for possession of child pornography

Several years after a sexual abuse scandal became known at the Odenwald school, were discovered at a teacher’s pornos. He must be for one year and two months in prison.

An ex-teacher of South Hessian Odenwald school for possession of child pornography has been condemned to a prison sentence of one year and two months without parole. The 34-year-old is “pedophilic and latently dangerous”, said the presiding judge of the District Court of Bensheim on Wednesday. There were “other offences” to worry about.

The said man, who now again works on Rügen as teacher, was accused to have – had only 120,000 images and 150 movies in his time at the Odenwald school between 2011 and 2014 tons relating to child pornography files on his home computer. The defendant said to the charge: “I have a pedophilic inclination, but not drive. I can control very well myself.”

The case at the Odenwald school does not belong to the abuse scandal with at least 132 victims, which in 2010 to the public came and shook the private boarding school–it occurred later. The teacher had been employed since August 2011 at the Odenwald school.

Regulators called for reconnaissance, especially since the school had previously communicated after the sexual assault had taken precautions to protect of the students. The school is now insolvent.