Pickup Truck Swerves Into Church Van Full Of Seniors In Texas Killing 13

Authorities said that on Wednesday afternoon in Texas, thirteen people were dead and two others were injured after a pickup truck swerved into a church van carrying senior citizens.

A deadly crash:

According to Sgt. Conrad Hein of the state Department of Public Safety, the crash occurred at around 12:23 p.m. (1:23 p.m. ET) near Garner State Park in Concan. The pickup truck survived and was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital.

Authorities said that the van and the Dodge pickup were the only vehicles involved. All of the dead were from the bus which included the driver, as was the other injured person.

On Wednesday night, the conditions and identities of none of the victims were made public.

Officials added that the church bus was traveling southbound while the pickup truck was traveling northbound.

On Wednesday night, authorities stated that they were still investigating what led to the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board said it would also investigate.

In a statement on Facebook, First Baptist New Braunfels Church said that a “group of our senior adults” were returning home from a three-day retreat when they were involved in the crash. The church said counselors would be available on Thursday and asked for prayers for the church family.

Norm Hills, Church administrator, said that the church had very little information and was “anxiously awaiting calls from DPS.”

Condolences paid:

In a statement on Twitter, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott expressed his condolences, saying, “We are saddened by the loss of life and our hearts go out to all those affected.”

While Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas also tweeted a statement saying his “prayers are with the families impacted by this tragic accident — especially for those who have lost loved ones.”