Mosul Dam: “only God knows when the dam breaks”

A 20 metre high tidal wave that devastated a city – that threatens when the ailing Mosul Dam in the Iraq breaks. Researchers and U.S. military officials are extremely concerned.

Afterwards, it is always smarter. You know all the things that can’t help you further. But that is a story in which you probably already could have been smarter. The one error could have avoided, which now threaten the lives of many people. It is the story of the Iraq Mosul Dam. And it’s a story of one difficult can imagine, that it goes well in the long term.

On Thursday, Gen. Sean MacFarland in Baghdad warned, with impressive words, the dam could break – with disastrous consequences. Geological conditions, which may at any time cause a collapse are to blame. And the stop of the maintenance work, which should prevent this so far is to blame. “If it happens, it will happen quickly. And this is bad”, so the military.

The warning not surprising. But the upcoming February of end of snow melting in Turkey makes the situation acute.

Experts have repeatedly warned that the 3600 meter long and 135 m high dam on the Tigris River could burst. The engineer Corps of the U.S. Army has alarm sounded as early as 2007, other scientists in numerous technical papers and lectures. It has used much.