Missing Connecticut Man Body Found in Jersey Shore

On Wednesday morning, the body of a Connecticut man that was last seen at a Manhattan party in New York, was discovered in a wooded stretch, along the Jersey Shore. The remains of 26-year old Joseph Comunale was found by investigators, behind a florist in Oceanport, NJ, buried within a shallow grave.

The investigators were able to find the body, after the whereabouts of the victim’s body was given by the suspected killer. Comunale was buried 55 miles south of where he was last seen, three days prior. The killer transported Comunale’s body, inside his Mercedes-Benz.

Sources say that the police were suspecting James Rackover as being the killer. James Rackover is the son of Jeffrey Rackover, a well-known jeweler for all of the A-list celebrities. James and his father had apartments in the same building. James’ grandfather had this to say about his grandson, “To me, he was a sweet loving kid. I don’t know him in any other sense. It’s a shock. I love that kid. I can‘t see him doing something like that. Who knows what went on at the party?”

It was discovered that the murder of Comunale took place in the apartment. Although they attempted to clean the area, the police were able to find a lot of blood evidence. A cadaver dog was able to detect the scent of the victim, before the body, which was about two feet beneath fresh dirt. The investigators were also able to locate the victim’s pants and bloody sheets that were inside of a garbage bag, close to the apartment building.

Comunale was last seen on Saturday night, when he visited the East Side apartment for a party. The apartment’s video camera showed him re-entering the apartment building at approximately 7:30 am, on Sunday.