Male Nurse Is Being Charged With Secret Taping of Eight Unsuspecting Female Patients As They Went Through Treatment

A nurse with voyeuristic tendencies is coming up against criminal charges after he had secretly recorded female patients, around eight of them, in a Philadelphia dermatology center, say authorities.

James Close had been charged on Monday with a whopping 43 counts of voyeurism and peeping, including counts of child pornography, when cops said he is believed to have taped a 17-year-old girl as she underwent phototherapy.


The peeping tom, 45-years-old, had been caught earlier in February as he secretly taped the teenage girl, who had been undergoing her phototherapy session at the Penn Medicine Dermatology Center in the Lower Makefield Township, say officials.

The girl stated that she had notices that a mobile phone was slipped under her room’s curtains where she had been naked for her treatment, said the town’s police chief, Kenneth Coluzzi.

“When she came out of the phototherapy, she was kind of really upset and freaking out,” Coluzzi stated.


Cops later detained Close on February 13, charging him with taping of the girl, who is underage according to US law

Additional investigations revealed that Close’s phone contained videos and photos of seven other patients, all female, between the months of January and his arrest in mid-February, said Coluzzi.

“He had done this to these individuals several times,” stated Coluzzi, adding that Close committed “the same thing” in the events that led to an arrest.

Close had recently been employed in the Penn Medicine Dermatology center, Coluzzi mentioned, although it is not yet clear for how much time.

The University of Pennsylvania is the overseer of this medical center, and has fully cooperated with authorities, said the police chief