Large-scale operations in Flensburg, Germany: police evict autonomous cultural centre with water cannons

With water cannons, the police in Flensburg against an autonomous cultural centre has moved on. Hooded pelting officers with firecrackers, wooden slats and fire extinguishers – and were arrested.

The police cleared almost completely autonomous cultural centre air lock factory in Flensburg, Germany on Wednesday. After clearing tank and water cannon had breached the barricades at the entrance to the air lock factory, estimated 20 autonomous in several buildings on the occupied premises withdrew.

Hooded pelting officers with firecrackers, wooden slats and fire extinguishers. Several autonomous were arrested, a police spokeswoman said.

For about two years, about a dozen squatters use the terrain to the Harniskai without permission. “The city has no viable ideas for use of the site, pushes forward the evacuation but completely irrational,” it says on the home page of supporters. “Thus destroyed a socio-cultural and diverse space for Flensburg and leaves another vacancy.” On Facebook activists had called on Tuesday to block the eviction.

Originally a company for flying boats should be located on the site. A court had committed the tenant vacated to pass the site of the city. Then, the police have now supports the bailiff responsible for this, said city spokesman Clemens Teschendorf.