Kidnapping in Sweden: Doctor imprisoned woman for days in bunker

A Swedish doctor admitted in court, a woman to have drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned in a self-built bunkers. There he wanted to hold for years they charge according to pass her.

In Sweden has admitted a doctor, a woman kidnapped and have stuck for days in a bunker. Also the 38-year-old should have intends to hold the woman for years and to pass on it. The indictment does not rule out that the man might also have tried to capture other women.

Process kicked off in Stockholm admitted the 38-year-old woman to have drugged and placed in a soundproof bunker. However, he denies the charge of rape.

“He has said that he sometimes wanted, to have sexual intercourse with her,” said Defender Mari Schaub. Have done the man, so he saying nothing, the victim. To exclude that she have communicable diseases, he should have submitted urine samples in the hospital, where he worked.

“He was eerily quiet all the time,” said the victim according to the “Dagens Nyheter” in a police interrogation. “I didn’t, what happened – whether he would kill me, torture or rape.” Two to three times a day, they should have in the future having unprotected sex, the kidnappers told her.

The victim’s lawyer said his client was traumatized. It is a huge burden for them, having to confront their tormentors in court. The woman requires 380,000 crowns (about 41,000 euros).