Isis leader killed-reports

The leader of IS in the Afghan region, Adbul Hasiib, was executed in an ops carried out by Afghanistan
soldiers in the east region of Nangahar, the country’s leader said during the weekend. Hasiib, who in
2016 was made head after the former IS leader Hafiiz Seaed Khann was killed in a United States drone
attack, was suspected to be the mastermind who gave orders for several devastating assaults not
excluding an assault against an American clinic by insurgents disguised as medics two months ago, a
press release stated.
In April, a white house spokesperson stated that Hasiib may have been executed during an attack
combining United States soldiers and their Afghan counterparts in Nangahar, that led to the loss of a
duo of American soldiers, noting that no face-off was encountered. The area offshoot of IS, also known
as IS Khoraisan, coined to the ancient name for the location that encompasses the Afghan area, has
retained their activities for the past two years, warring against their rival militant group and also
the country’s troops, as well as American soldiers.
There is a general agreement that IS-k has connections to IS brotherhood in the Iraqi and Syrian
regions and yet exhibit autonomy of operation.
United States and Afghanistan soldiers, supported by drone assaults and fighter jets, have been waging
wars against the local militant group, especially around Nangahar which is on the Pakistani border.
How to defeat the militia is one of the most important goals of The United States in the country and
in April the U.S dropped the MOAB bomb on the complex underground pathways used by the militia in
Nangahar. Ninety-four militants were killed, four militia chiefs included.