ISIS fighters returning to europe are struggling to get jobs

There are report that numbers of the deadly group ISIS are running away from the middle East and silently returning to Europe to settle down as member of the society, but a lot of them are having problem as they could not find jobs. A newspaper in Sweden, called Expressen, during there discussion with some of the returned jihadists who has fled for Europe, on how difficult it is for them getting hired.

Reply from former Jihadists fighter Walad Yousef one of the 150 fighters to make home coming to Sweden of recent said “i have apply for several jobs, but I could not get and this is because of the image I have created”. The former ISIS man refuse to use his original name, saying that Swedes will be worried about his return and what he could do. Another man told our reporter that he is afraid to talk because he has big problem securing a job. Few of the former fighters has make up stories the reason they fled to middle East, some are claiming they went there for humanitarian, helping the civilians.

When they are asked the difficulties of running home, one of the fighter reacted as if Expressen was with wrong person. He said “this is strange, anyone can impersonate me” while as all proof shows he has pledge allegiance to ISIS. The man added, “probably someone recommended me” I dont know. Like most countries, Sweden has been on alert because of the various terror attacks experienced in Europe for the past years. Records have it that about hundred Swedes have left their country to team up with ISIS since its begigining.

The Sweden authority estimated about 100 Swedes are still in the middle East as fighter for the group. It was said that the real dangerous ones are yet to return home, terror expert Magnus Ranstorp telling Expressen. He also said most of the fighter may not cause problem now but they are more of danger to authorities. It is necessary for security to prioritize every area so they wound not become dangerous for the society.