Implementation of the EU refugee deal

For the implementation of the refugee Pact of the EU with Turkey, Greece urgently needed personnel. These reiterated, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras in a telephone conversation with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Tsipras had said in recent days that his country at least 2300 experts need, including interpreters, security guards and asylum experts.
The EU refugee deal with Turkey, which came into force on Sunday foresees that Ankara must irregularly take back refugees came to Greece. Beginning in April, they will be forcibly returned to Turkey, only who can prove that he is persecuted in Turkey, must stay. In return the EU for every deported Syrians let enter a Syrian refugee from Turkey legally in the EU – up to a limit of 72,000 people.

Put a stop to traffickers

On Monday, the first Turkish liaison officers had come to Greece. Thousands EU officials, focused on security and asylum procedures, are still expected. Exactly Tsipras’ phone call with Merkel aimed.

Germany has already signaled willingness also jointly with France to send, including police officers from the EU border patrol Agency Frontex as well as asylum experts each of 600 civil servants in Greece.

A Greek Government spokesperson, Tsipras stressed in the telephone conversation with Merkel also, it must be pressure on Turkey, to put a stop to the smugglers. Also the NATO mission in the Aegean should be intensified, they said.

The refugee deal by the UN refugee agency UNHCR earned criticism. The registration centres for refugees in Greece have become by the agreement with Turkey closed “detention facilities”. The UNHCR restricts its activities in the so-called hotspots on the Greek Islands, said on Tuesday. This corresponds to the policy of the UNHCR to refuse forced detention.

The refugee agency had already announced on Monday that it stop the transport of refugees from the coast and the capital city of Mytilin to the reception centres so far guaranteed by him Moria. The relief organization doctors without borders meanwhile announced that she will stop their work in Moria in the course of Tuesday.

In this hotspot, the newly arrived refugees and migrants are held since entry into force of the refugee Pact on Sunday. “Women, children, entire families may there now not even leave their barracks. If it’s not prison, then what is it? “, said a spokesman for the organization. So far, the team had of “doctors without borders in the detention center the hygienic and medical care” applied.