Heartbroken mother tells of how dog pulled her baby from her arms in frenzied fatal attack

A heroic mum risked her own life to pull a dog off her little boy just moments after the raging Staffordshire Bull Terrier had mauled her baby son to death.

In an inquest into the death of her baby boy heard that 24-year-old Jade Rogers had been at home with her two boys Daniel, 22 months old, and Archie, who was only four months when the dog launched a frenzied attack with no warning signals.

She had her baby in her arms as she went to the aid of her toddler. But the dog, a rescue hound called Bailey, managed to grab Archie from her, killing him almost instantly as it shook his head in its strong jaws. Ms Rogers was seen wiping away tears at the inquest at Essex Coroner’s Court as the horrific last moments of her baby’s life were read out in evidence.


Ms Rogers had been face timing her sons father when the dog attack began, although it was not made clear whether the man, also called Daniel, was still on the line and able to see or hear what was going on.

The family had only moved into the property a few days earlier to live with Ms Roger’s sister Clare Ferdinand, 31, a police officer, and her 36-year-old husband John. The inquest was told that Bailey was a resuce dog who had never shown any previous signs of aggression.

Detective Inspector Gary Biddle praised Ms Roger’s bravery in dragging the hound to a conservatory where she barricaded it in using her own body. He said that the dog had immeditely launched an attack on Daniel when it entered the living room. As Ms Johnson got up to take it out of the room it launched at him and she managed to pull it away, only for the dog to turn and snatch her baby from her arms.