Freedom of the press: Life imprisonment threatens Turkish journalists

The editor-in-Chief of the Turkish newspaper “Cumhuriyet” and an Office Manager to life in prison. The journal had reported on alleged weapons shipments to Syria. They had seen President Erdogan himself.

The Turkish judiciary wants to bring two prominent journalists of the anti-government newspaper “Cumhuriyet” because of agitation against the Government and terrorist support for life in prison. It reported the Government newspaper “Sabah”.

The accusation of competent for terrorism-related crimes prosecutor in Istanbul: Editor-in-Chief can Dündar and the capital Bureau Chief Edwin Gül an overthrow of the Government should have prepared. In Turkey 30 years or more in prison, life in prison can mean.

The arrest of journalists in November had triggered great indignation in Turkey and in the West. The two journalists are waiting for their process in pre-trial detention, to have committed a breach of secrecy with reports of alleged arms sales to rebels in Syria. Also had Dahle and Gul about the submerged end of 2013 on accusations of corruption against the Government and thus helped in a coup attempt, prosecutors argue.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan considered corruption charges as part of a conspiracy of the movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen against the elected Government. You classify the Gulen movement as a terrorist group.