Fraternity Hazing Could Have Turned Lethal For Teen, Mom Claims

Teresa Seely wrote an angry Facebook post where she claimed that her son had peanut butter rubbed on his face while he was asleep at an off-campus fraternity back in October to which he’s severely allergic. She added a picture of his face to the post which was shared by more than 1,400 people.

Potentially lethal hazing:

According to Andrew, 19, Seely’s son, the incident occurred at the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity at Central Michigan University (CMU) during his first semester as a freshman.

In response to the incidednt, Seely notified the University, the local police, and consulted with a lawyer.

Paul Seely, Andrew’s father, said that the photos were really scary. “He could have died if peanut butter had gotten into his mouth it would have been dire,” he added.

A professor took Andrew to the campus health clinic for treatment.

Director of communications at Central Michigan University, Heather Smith, has said that the University found out about the alleged hazing incident through social media on Wednesday. She added that it’s potentially a criminal matter, that it’s very concerning and that they take these things very seriously.

She added that in order for the school to proceed with an investigation, Andrew would have to directly contact the Office of Student Conduct.

Smith said that Alpha Chi Rho, the fraternity involved, was officially disbanded on the campus in 2011 for hazing.

At the end of the semester, Andrew left the school and transferred to a different one.

Teresa Seely has been contacted by the Student Conduct, it provided her with information on how to file a police report. However, the Mt. Pleasant Police Department has stated that the incident has not yet been reported to police, and there’s currently no active investigation.

A harmless prank?

The student involved in the hazing is claiming there has been a misunderstanding, He claims it wasn’t hazing, but rather a harmless prank, as they didn’t know he was allergic.

Andrew’s dad doesn’t believe this justification. Andrew carries an Epi-Pen and Benadryl tablets with him at all times. He told the fraternity that they couldn’t eat anything with peanuts around him and he wears a medical bracelet. “If the frat guys did this and they saw him having a reaction why didn’t they call 911?” he added questioning the boy’s claims.

The Seelys said they will work with the local police through their attorney, and that Andrew is planning on giving a statement to both the school and authorities.