Flooding after heavy rain: North of England reports on land under

After heavy rains, parts of Northern England are under water. Hundreds of people had to leave their homes, thousands are without electricity.

The situation remains tense after heavy rains in the North of England. In some places already reach their limits the authorities. “None have ‘Road closed’ – more signs”, wrote about the police and North Yorkshire on Twitter and added: “Do not drive in the flood, avoid flooded streets.”

In the night to Sunday and in the morning, hundreds of British have to leave their homes again, thousands stuck in shelters. Thousands without power were alone in the Manchester region, on Sunday. There were no reports of deaths or injuries so far.

Not only the military, but also the Red Cross, police and fire departments and helper of the mountain rescue service were around the clock in use sandbags to top up and get people out of their homes. Some residents of the flood areas complained of in the British press about a lack of sand bags and overloaded emergency services.

“In many places we have not yet reached the climax”, Environment Minister Elizabeth Truss said the broadcaster BBC, which established a liveblog on the situation in the flooded areas on Sunday. Some rivers have entered the banks more than ever before. Prime Minister David Cameron convened a crisis Conference on the Sunday afternoon and announced to strengthen disaster relief. The Government will continue to invest in flood protection and involve the military more.