Drama in front of the Greek coast

The wave of refugees continues. Austria has now officially a ceiling for refugees was introduced. For German Chancellor Angela Merkel, this is still not an Option. Meanwhile, in Greece, a terrible Drama is played. All information on the refugee crisis can be found here.

With an upper limit Austria plans to the massively chokes and the European Union in the refugee crisis on the spot. The CSU sees this in your course for a strict limit of 200,000 people per year confirmed, picked up, however, once again a rebuff to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

Austria introduces the limit – Is this the turning point in the refugee crisis?
Specifically, this means that until mid-2019 for more than a total 127.500 asylum seekers to Austria – may be used. For the current year see the agreement nor of 37,500 refugees . That would be about 50,000 less than in 2015.Austria’s Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ), the long against any kind of cap had fought, described the procedure as a “stopgap measure” and “Plan B”, a “Shake-up” of the EU.

Immediately tightened Austria, which controls Slovenia. Into the country to be left only civil war refugees that are already registered, for example, in Greece. Who it over the border, in Austria, asylum request, up to the constitutional controversial upper limit. This is now the turning point in the refugee crisis?