Chinese War Aircraft Docks Near Taiwan Amidst International Tension

The world as we know is filled with war and strife, this is not what average people like me and you envision for our wonderful planet, not to mention, this is not the type of world we dreamed of for our children and their children. However, the big government officials call the shots, so just who are we to argue about all the negative stuff that is happening around us, almost every day.

Just a few months ago in May, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen took over the presidency in Taiwan. But since he took over the reigns Taipei had been attacked four times. These untimely attacks occur in the sea that surrounds the country, two of the recent attacks happened shortly after a telephone call between President-elect Donald Trump and the Taiwanese President. The premier of Taiwan was voicing its concern about Chinese interference with Beijing which the country had claimed as part of its territory.

The tension had been brewing since May 20th, 2016, when the Chinese military sent armed forces and vessels to take up their position close to the disputed region. However, the Taiwanese want to distinguish its territory from the zones that the Chinese government is contesting as their land.

The US President-elect Donald Trump is already embroiled with the Republic of China in an angry exchange of words where China accused the US of meddling in its affairs in regards to Taiwan. The Taiwanese government has indicated that his country does not want to be a part of China’s commonwealth, but rather to remain self-ruled and govern its own affairs.

China owns one of the largest military forces in the world while Taiwan which is a dot on the map does not possess the power or a quarter of China’s military power. The Chinese government has asserted its power over Taiwan since the war in the 1940’s, China had always lobbied for the unification of Beijing and Taiwan only to be met with objection from the Taiwanese people.