China pledges strong support to peace and development in Africa

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, was with the Jacob Zuma, the South African president on Monday, and reinstated his commitment to cooperate with South Africa to ensure peace and growth in Africa.
Zuma is present in Xiamen, the southeastern Chinese coastal city. He went for the 9th BRICS summit holding from Sunday to Tuesday. He will also be at the Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries.

XI pointed that the relationship between China and South Africa is at its best, hinting on the effective partnership that has existed between the two sides in the past two years. Xi went on to say that China is set to strengthen its relationship with SA and increase their partnership to achieve more common development.

China’s intention for Belt and Road Initiatives

In a statement, Xi said China hopes to work with SA to manifest the Belt and Road Initiative and the results of the Johannesburg summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), and to strengthen cooperation in several ways, as well expand bilateral relations. He called for understanding and support of main interests and outstanding issues.

Xi further stated the need for strengthened cooperation in different sectors of the industrial production, marine economy, culture, science and technology, tourism, and health care. He also stressed the need for celebrations to mark the 20th year of the relationship between China and SA next year.

China and SA have been related within the BRICS framework, and Xi pledges China’s support for SA to hold the bloc’s presidency this coming year. China and SA have gone through several conditions together are and still close.

Xi said China hopes to merge the Belt and Road Initiative with the China- Africa cooperation plans mapped to hold at the FOCAC Johannesburg summit in 2063 with the AU’s Agenda.

The South African president, Jacob Zuma, on his part said that his county is set to strengthen its relationship with China. Both countries will support each other in organizing the BRICS summit this year and next. He added that their relationship is full of vitality and has recorded positive outcomes in trade, economic, cultural, infrastructural and investment sectors.