Brussels and the consequences: The shaken sense of security

The Federal Government advises on “possible consequences” from the attacks of Brussels – there are some possible consequences. The debate on security and terror could change fundamentally.

The quick overview
That’s what happened:
• The stop series in the departure hall of Brussels Airport and the Metro were killed at least 31 people and injured more 300.
• Among a pair of brother to the bombers: Ibrahim El Bakraoui, 29, blew himself up at the airport in the air, his brother Khalid, 27, in a Metro carriage at the station Maelbeek.
• Paul Laachraoui has been identified as second suicide bomber meanwhile by Brussels Airport. He should also be in connection with the attacks on Paris.
A third main perpetrators of the airport should be • on the run. Search for him.
• Has become known the ‘Islamic State’ terror organization to the attacks.
• Belgium has declared the highest terror alert level.
Europe is United in shock. The ongoing disagreement to the uptake and distribution of refugees is ousted for the moment. Heads of State and Government express dismay and assure solidarity. The double attack in Brussels, in which according to current about 30 people died, is an attack on all Europeans – that’s what the Federal Government.

” We feel our friends in Belgium very close”, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said in the afternoon in their mourning message. The terrorists have done to terrible “us all”. Merkel spoke just a few minutes, all the more emphatically, she conjured a European sense of community: “Our strength lies in our unity.”
Hours earlier Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) had turned to the public. He also focused on Europe’s cohesion. The attacks had been “our freedom” and “all those who are part of the EU”. “That’s why we feel as hit by this attack. ”

The limits of openness

We thus my Merkel and de Maizière also Germany, political partner and neighbor of Belgium. Our capital Berlin is located 650 kilometers and a 90-minute flight as the crow flies.

The attacks will not shape the debates of the next few days. Questions arise as to security and threat, dangers and risk prevention. If, as suspected, the Islamist background of the acts verify, threatens a new discussion on open borders – and the limits of Europe’s openness.