Berlin police action against Greek

Hundreds, Dog Unit, helicopter – moved to the Berlin police with a large contingent, to impress some squatters. We will not tolerate “no retreat for violent criminals”, it said. Is it proportionate?

On Thursday, the Berlin police is present again in the Riga road. Team car cruise in the Samaritan neighbourhood of Friedrichshain emphasizes slowly. Sometimes officials get off, check the passers. They pay a visit to a few houses.

It’s quiet in the Riga road 94 itself. In front of the House building materials and lumber, the front door is open. Residents cannot look.

On Wednesday night, it looked different here. The police moved in with 200 officials to a spectacular mission, a special forces broke into the house inhabited mostly by radical leftist, dog teams were ready, a helicopter circled over the scene, 300 more troops secured the area.

It was the “clear answer of the rule of law”, as she had announced before Senator Frank Henkel, the answer to one of his words attack “cowardly, underhanded, unscrupulous”. On Wednesday afternoon, a policeman was been attacked on the Riga road by four masked, when he exhibited a Falschparker a ticket. The thugs fled in the house number 94. He will not tolerate “no retreat for violent criminals”, says CDU man handle. SPD land Chief Jan Stöß, a man of the left wing of the party, praised the “decisive intervention”.