Attacks Brussels: Mystery of the man with Hat

In Brussels, one of the principal actors of the attacks in the net could have been the police. Is it the “man with hat”, filmed the surveillance camera at the airport?

Since the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the investigators discover close linkages between the Islamist milieu in Belgium and France.

In Brussels one of the principal actors of the attacks Thursday in the network might have gone on Thursday the police. The arrested will be charged with, to be a member of a terrorist organization and have perpetrated terrorist murders, declared the Belgian public prosecutor’s Office.

Investigators circles said that it was probably the man who had not detonated his explosive device at the Brussels Airport and at first had escaped. The man was thus the only alleged participants in the attacks by Brussels, which could be identified and arrested.

The newspaper “Le Soir” according to the suspect was recognized by the taxi driver, who had driven the three alleged bombers on Tuesday to the airport Zeventum. Investigators not confirmed but first of all, that C. is the one which can be seen on the surveillance video of the airport with bright jacket and a hat in the company of the two suicide bombers. A search of his home found the Prosecutor chat according to no weapons or explosives.

C. had most recently worked as a freelance journalist. A video was recorded and distributed on the Internet on July 15, 2014, shows him as a reporter before the departure Centre “Centre 127 up” in, which borders directly on the runways of the airport where the bombs exploded on Tuesday. The Centre is a building of detention for asylum-seekers whose claims was rejected, as well as people who were illegally staying in Belgium. You want from the “Centre 127 to” be deported from.