After the Islamic terror in Paris

The family of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Adventurer of the attacks in Paris, after whose death the police in St. Denis, now a murder case against Unknown: During the deployment was also his cousin died. This is, however, innocent had been, claimed the lawyer of the family.

After the death of Abdelhamid Abaaouds, the Adventurer of the terrorist attacks of Paris, during a police operation five days after the attacks, now has the family of Abbaouds cousin, the with the use also was killed, a complaint against Unknown because of murder and terrorism refunded like the “world” of online reports.

Lawyer: famous escape helper and at the same time, victims
Hasna, the famous escape helper of Abaaoud and its accomplices Chakib Akrouh, had Abaaoud in the vicinity of St. Denis picked up and the apartment paid for, in which two terrorists are hiding. Aïtboulahcen was a victim and I have under the pressure of her Cousins stood, said Fabien Ndoumou, the lawyer of your family.

Abaaoud put family under pressure
The Terror planners have his and the family of friends threatened. In the course of police operations had Akrouh an explosive belt detonated, the police was, however, first by a female suicide bomber is assumed. Only later, they realized that corpse in the rubble of the apartment intact.