Accusation of child abuse: UN provides peacekeepers under house arrest

New allegations of child abuse against UN troops: the Central African Republic, members of peacekeeping forces should have abused minors. They are now under house arrest.

Because of new allegations of child abuse by peacekeepers in the Central African Republic, the United Nations pull off 120 members of the UN force Minusca out of the country. The soldiers from the Congo to complete an investigation would be under house arrest and then returned to their homes, said the Minusca.

The UN force reported seven new cases of abuse in the period between September and December of last year. Employees of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch would have the United Nations in January on the cases from the town Bambari made aware. In five cases, the victims were minors.

From Central Africa allegations of abuse repeatedly for a year against foreign soldiers. In April, it was announced that French peacekeepers in a camp near the capital Bangui between December 2013 and June 2014 to have abused several children aged between nine and 13 years.

Séléka Muslim Rebel Alliance had toppled the then President François Bozizé in March 2013. The coup drew the country into a spiral of violence between Muslim and Christian militias. The UN peacekeeping mission followed France’s military intervention in its former colony of end of 2013 in September 2014. The Minusca force includes more than ten thousand soldiers.